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Walking aids: Walkers & Canes

Havana Pharmacy and Medical Supply offers walkers for people with balance issues. WAlkers provide support for mobility bearing the weight of the person using it.

We offer new and used walking aids and there are a variety of walking aids that you can choose from depending on your needs. We also offer canes for people with minor balance issues.

Here are the walking aids we offer:

  • Rolling walkers
  • Standard walkers
  • Specialty walkers
  • Canes
  • Walking Aid accessories also available

Wheelchairs that suit your needs

Wheelchairs are very help for for those people who are unable to walk because of an injury, illness, or some other reason. We have wheelchairs that are available for purchase or rental. There are wide varieties of wheelchairs you can choose from. We also offer new and used wheelchairs with varying functionality and features depending on the user's needs.

Available manual wheelchairs:

  • Transport wheelchairs

  • Standard wheelchairs

  • Lightweight wheelchairs

  • Ultra-lightweight wheelchairs

  • Heavy Duty/High Weight Capacity wheelchairs

  • Pool & Beach wheelchairs

  • Sport wheelchairs

  • Tilt wheelchairs

  • Pediatric wheelchairs

  • Recliner wheelchairs

  • Geri wheelchairs

  • Rehab Shower Commode wheelchairs

  • Affordable wheelchairs

  • Wheelchair Cushions & Accessories

At Havana Pharmacy and Medical Supply, your welfare, comfort, convenience, and budget are our priority. That is why we've been offering a wide variety of products with different functionality and features that will surely fit one of your needs.